We pride ourselves in the level of workmanship and hygiene that we provide to each customer who decides to get a tattoo or a piercing from Primal Piercing and Tattoo. Here are some great testimonials from our past customers — some have become repeat customers and have come back to us to get more body art done.

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"Done a lot of research before getting a piecing to help relieve headache and migraine pain but thought it was worth a try as my migraines have lasted days sometimes weeks, I turned up to Modify and had a slight headache and I was amazed that once the hoop went in the pressure lifted from my head and eased my pain. I suggest that if you have bad headaches and migraines to have it done it is amazing and it has only been my 1st day."

Amanda Allan

"I got a tattoo portrait of my kids on my forearm here, and I am in LOVE with my tattoo! Thank you so much! My friends and family love it too and definitely are thinking of getting their tattoos done here! Total recommend primal for anything you want how you want! I asked to make a couple changes from the photo I gave and it is absolutely amazing!! Thanks so much again. Will be back soon into the new year for more."

Cynda Pumba

"Had a great experience with my tattoo.... Always great conversation or comfortable silence. James went above and beyond to finish a large challenging tattoo for me thank you so much I love it and am so grateful! Healing has been really good here compared to other places I've been not sure if that's just me or the tattoo machines they use here - will be back for more."

Jade Matthews

"Got my first cartilage piercing which was super quick and easy. Done and dusted in 10 minutes with no hassle. The price was also less than advertised on their website, which was a bonus. The place was tidy and clean. Will probably be back for more piercings!"

Jo Cheung