Healing  for Tattoos

Give Your Tattoo the best possible chance to heal. Download our full Tattoo After Care Brochure by clicking here of clicking the pdf icon or just read on!

Tattoo Derm

When Tattoo Derm is used, leave it on for the first 12 to 24 hours. It will fill with blood and you will not be able to see the tattoo. This is normal. Leave it unless it begins to lift and lose some fluid. If in the shower or over a sink, lift the derm. Don’t peel it backward as it can be hard on the area. Rinse the tattoo with warm water not hot or cold, as warm water moves body fluids freely. Avoid soap as it dries out the tattoo and can create a moisture imbalance.

Glad Wrap

Leave glad wrap on the tattoo for two hours. In the shower or over a sink, unroll or cut free the wrap. Rinse the tattoo with warm water, not hot or cold. Warm water moves body
fluids freely. Avoid soap as it dries out the tattoo and increases the moisture imbalance. Let the tattoo air for 20 minutes and then re-wrap your tattoo overnight. This will prevent the tattoo from sticking to your bedding and keep any bacteria off the new tattoo.

In the morning, hop in the shower and wash your new tattoo again with warm water only. This time do not soak your tattoo or you can damage the fragile scab that is forming.


  • DO USE a foaming soap
  • DO NOT USE a bar of soap as it can contaminate and dry the new tattoo
  • DO NOT USE anti-bacterial soap either. The skin has a natural friendly population of bacteria that helps to protect the surface of the wound.
  • Anti-bacterial products kill nasty bacteria but also kill the friendly natural bacteria, leaving the skin without its primary defense mechanism.
  • After washing, gently rinse and dry the area. DO NOT rub with a wash cloth or sponge. Pat dry. After drying, wait 40-60 minutes to allow excess water in the tattoo to evaporate and inflammation to subside. DO NOT re-bandage.
  • If you must wear clothing over the tattoo, make sure it is the type that can serve as a loose-fitting bandage; soft, clean and loose.
  • Remember to give the healing tattoo plenty of exposure to fresh air as well

Applying Creams

  • For the first 3 days, apply a THIN layer of tattoo balm/cream/ointment, 2-3 times a day (usually after washing/drying the tattoo), to keep the tattoo slightly moist.
  • DO NOT allow the skin to completely dry out. Apply a tiny bit and rub in as you would a hand lotion. Evenly apply the cream over the tattooed skin. Rub the cream in gently as this will help stimulate the skin and bring blood flow to the area which helps in the body’s natural healing process.
  • DO NOT leave a thick film on the surface. Most people experience a mild tingling sensation after the first few applications. This is quite normal.
  • Blot off any excess with a clean paper towel. After 10 minutes or so, clothing will not stick to the tattoo cream but make sure to wear loose, clean clothes – close-fitting clothes may absorb the cream and dry out the freshly tattooed skin, which should be avoided.

Additional Rules

  • Never scratch or pick at your tattoo while it is healing. If a scab forms, let it fall off naturally. DO NOT PICK AT IT.
  • DO NOT expose the tattoo to direct sunlight or tanning beds for the first two weeks or until completely healed.
  • DO NOT swim, soak in bathtubs or saunas for at least two weeks or until completely healed. The sun, saltwater and chlorine act as a bleach which will result in a faded tattoo.
  • DO NOT shave over your tattoo until it is completely healed.
  • DO NOT wear pantyhose over your new tattoo until completely healed


Download our full Tattoo After Care brochure by clicking on the image below